Battery Saving Tip: Turn It Off March 24 2014

Battery Saving Tip: Turn it off

If you have multiple accounts that sync online and/or apps that use location settings and gps, including Gmail accounts, email accounts, contact syncing apps, some games, Facebook, twitter, etc. they are draining your battery. Get into the habit of setting syncs infrequently, disabling apps privileges until needed, and uninstalling apps you rarely run. Your business, personal or even secret email account doesn't need to check itself every 15 minutes. I'm fairly sure Facebook will update itself when you open the app.

In a Nutshell: The more active your phone, the more power it will consume.

No amount of battery saving apps or quick spurts of charging, that we all do in our daily life, is going to improve your battery life until you get use to managing what's running and start removing or disabling apps. If your'e interested in getting your phone Rooted to remove stock apps and have full control of your device contact DaRel at 913-777-HYWT or visit