Android Root

$ 20.00

We at aim to make the process of rooting your phone as easy as possible. Drop by one of our locations for fast service. OR simply order your service and our technicians will do the rest

Once you experience root access on a device you'll never want a "vanilla" phone or tablet again.

Each day more and more Android handsets are being sold, and that means users are faced with a major decision: To root, or not to root. Some of us will do it simply because we can, others will decide not to do it as they enjoy the phone as-is, but the majority of us will be on the fence about the whole idea of rooting. 

Hopefully some of those questions can get answered and you'll have a clearer picture of the process and some understanding to make the decision a bit easier.  I'm sure this won't answer every question you'll have when considering whether or not to root your device, but hopefully this is a good start and a basis for further discussion. CLICK HERE