Flashing Pre-Requisites

Pre-Requisites for Fully Flashing a Phone 

 We can help you get most of this info please download TeamViewer for Android and/or Teamviewer for PC and book an appointment today

You will need:

    • A Windows PC

-with permission to install applications and drivers for device.

    • Internet Connection
    • Your Device


- YOUR PHONE'S MEID - This can be found in Settings most times and most accurately. It also can be found underneath the battery normally at the top of the white label

-Cricket Account Info/log in PIN in case of needing to contact Cricket(HYWT.com does not need this information from you. YOU need to have it handy just in case you need to contact Cricket directly for service changes or assistance. what we will need will be your.....

-Your Phone Number that is being flashed(called MDN) and your Mobile Identification Number (called MIN). You can call customer service and ask for both numbers or these can be found in the phone settings of your old phone, normally located in Settings>About Phone>Status. The MIN will resemble a phone number from your local area, beginning with a local area code The MIN may also be called MSID in some phone menus and begin with 31000 followed by the ten digit local number. 

-Phone Brand, Original Carrier, Exact Model Number ie Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 = Samsung SPH-L900 (found underneath battery or in phone settings)

-Current Android Version. With some phones this wont matter but it's always good information to know. (found in settings>about phone)

-USB Cable


Once you have confirmed all the above. Download TeamViewer for Android and/or Teamviewer for PC