Han Solo Millenium Falcon Operations Manual Bag, Disney Star Wars Crossbody Purse

$ 75.00

Rewind to a time in the galaxy of a young Han Solo. The print of this wallet is a humorous play on the idea that an outlaw needs to go through life going by the rules. Don’t fret, for this is only a bag to hold your stuff. The black faux leather resembles the cover of the manual. The chain strap meets matching title text on its "spine" and features an iridescent Millennium Falcon charm. Peel back the front flap and you will see a detailed diagram of this spacecraft upon a light faux leather, with more handwriting. His story has become known throughout the galaxies, and this design lets you feel like you have a piece of history.

Care of your faux leather wallet: Apply a damp, soapy cloth and then rinse clean.