My Hero Academia Collage Print Packable Backpack

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You can be a hero, quirk or not. If you lack powers in a world full of superheroes, living can get tough, of course having the right gear can make even the most difficult day easier. This line of backpacks, totes and duffle bags feature the ability to transform into a much smaller carrying case, meaning you can use these bags to carry whatever you like, and when you're done, they can be stowed anywhere conveniently. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS Bag packs into front pocket 2'__? adjustable shoulder straps Folds into 9.5'__?W x 7'__?H Front Pocket Pouch SPECIFICATIONS Silhouette Name: Packable Backpack Material:Lightweight poly material Dimensions: 12'__? W x 15'__?H x 5.5'__?D (Fully Unpacked) Care: Wipe clean Imported