Super Mario Brothers Star Lanyard

$ 12.00

Don't try to ingest the Super Stars on this Super Mario Brothers Star Lanyard - they won't make you run faster for 10 seconds or so, they'll just give you indigestion. Don't ask us how we know this (#80skidsatheart). Having your fave Super Mario Bros characters with you all the time is sure to make you happy, though. One side of the gray lanyard is printed with Super Stars, and the other with SMB characters like Princess Peach, Bowser, and the rest of the gang. The detachable buckled key fob is finished with a full-color cutout Super Star tag.

  • Super Mario Cast Artwork
  • Paired With A Rubber Charm Of The Super Mario Star
  • Safe Break Away Construction And Detachible Clip
  • Collectible Sticker